Equine Lawyers in Boise, Idaho

Equine legal solutions require equine experience. Planning for your equine business is better accomplished by an attorney with knowledge of the horse industry. Let us help with your sales contracts, lease agreements, insurance issues, or sales disputes.

An equine attorney advises and helps clients:

  • Develop sale, boarding or lease contracts
  • Evaluate the appropriate way to organize their equine business
  • Establish a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or corporation
  • Arena and facility liability or insurance issues
  • Veterinary malpractice
  • Zoning disputes
  • Real estate transactions

An equine lawyer can help client’s understand the requirements involved when boarding, breeding, buying or selling a horse. An equine attorney has in-depth knowledge of the horse industry as well as the laws that relate to the industry.

Equine attorneys draft, review and negotiate contracts used by both equine professionals and non-professionals. Typical contracts include purchase agreements, breeding contracts, labor agreements, boarding contracts, lease agreements, liability waivers, and more.

Liability is crucial to professionals in the horse industry, and an equine attorney can help workers in the horse industry avoid or limit liability within their equestrian activities.

We represent clients for:

  • equine liability and insurance issues
  • customized equine purchase and sale contracts
  • incorporation and LLC formation
  • purchase and sale litigation and disputes
  • veterinary malpractice

Pick a Lawyer with Equine Experience

Chip_GilesChip Giles has 25 years of experience in the horse industry. Chip competed professionally as a rodeo cowboy for over a decade, and still competes in local competitions to this day. A full-time horseman since the age of three, Chip has the horse sense to assist you with any horse related legal dispute. Together with his mother, Jane Giles, they have purchased and sold thousands of horses through their family horse business, JC Performance Horses.

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