Criminal Defense Attorneys in Boise, Idaho

When life gets serious, get serious help.

Few things in life are scarier than being caught up in the criminal justice system. Though it may not feel like it, you are innocent until the government proves you guilty. Prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement are not on your side, and are not required to tell you the truth. If you find yourself under investigation, or charged with a crime, you need an attorney that understands the local justice system, and will protect your constitutional rights. Our office represents working class people facing criminal charges everyday. Call us when life gets serious, we are here to help.

We do what it takes to protect your rights

In criminal law there is a time to deal, and a time to pick a jury. The attorneys at Giles and Thompson have gained a reputation for going to trial. In a criminal trial the burden is on the government to prove their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. If the government knows your attorney is willing to go all the way to trial, this will result in a better plea offer. Our attorneys are eager to pick juries, and let your guilt or innocence be decided by a jury of your peers, not a prosecutor.

We represent clients for:

  • misdemeanor and felony cases including DUI
  • domestic violence
  • battery
  • drug crimes
  • sexual abuse
  • theft
  • traffic offenses
  • fish and game violations
  • appeals

Free legal consultation

We offer free criminal law consultations, if you are in custody, we will travel to local correctional facilities for consultations. Speak directly with an attorney today to discuss your case, and your options. Call us at 208-342-7880.